Get lost In The Sounds Of Tibetan Singing Bowls

Sound massages are conducted with the use of Tibetan singing bowls and sound vibrations. Sound massages are known to induce deep states of relaxation, brain coordination and enhanced creativity.

“The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tension, mobilises self healing forces, and sets free creative energies.” – Peter Hess, founder

Benefits of a Tibetan bowl sound massage:
  • Fast achievement of deep relaxation, since the sounds appeal to a person’s original trust
  • Gentle massage and harmonisation of each individual body cell through sound
  • Development of our innate capacities
  • Liberation of toxins, tension and energy blockages in the body
  • Improved body mobility
  • Cleansing and clearing of energy fields
  • Improved brain hemispheric creativity
  • More joy, improves emotional state and moods
  • Allows us to tap into our gifts, talents, personal resources
  • Profoundly centering and grounding
  • Reinforcement of self-healing forces.
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