Shape shifting and the constant of change

The idea of starting a yoga studio has taken on while we were practicing with our teachers Kirsten Berg and Mitchell Gold in Bali in December 2014. Rhubin and I had landed in Bali all stiff and tired after a months long production project for an international TV series. The project had been challenging in many ways, and though it was also fun and exciting, the stress got the better of us.

I remember the strong feeling of being reconnected with myself that came about after what was the first deep practice in a while. The wish to create a safe space in which people can tap into that feeling and regrow their strength took root. While we were having coconut water after practice, and allowing our clothes to dry before we hop on the scooter, Rhubin turned to me and said “We should really start our own studio”

But where does one even start?! After a while of being overwhelmed with the size of the undertaking, we realized the only thing we can do is take simple steps NOW that will give the idea of opening a studio the needed energetically push for it to take shape LATER. We started carefully selecting little items for our non existent studio, picking lamps, candle holders even stitching bolsters. Kirsten and Mitchell received a sincere invitation to come and teach in Dubrovnik at our imaginary studio, and we returned home with a suitcase of items for a space that still didn’t exist.

Then the search started. We read through newspaper ads for months, looked at a zilion spaces until we finally gave up. We came to peace with the thought that our studio suitcase would never get unpacked, pushed it under the bed and let go of the need to do anything else to ever make it happen. Until it did – almost a year later the space found us :)

In a casual conversation with a family friend we mentioned our fruitless search, a wish that looked like it won’t take on a shape. She smiled and said – “I have a small hut that is looking for new tenants, it’s actually an apartment, but things shift shapes all the time, do you want to have a quick look at it?”

Instant falling in love happened when we stepped through the old rickety wooden door and saw a small bamboo groove lining a beautiful garden. All of our doubts and fears faded – we were home.

We unpacked the studio suitcase, and each little thing found it’s perfect place. The more attention and love we poured into the space, the more people found their way through the bamboo grove to our classes.

It’s been more then a year since we moved in. As our inner spaces shifted and changed shapes, the studio space kept reflecting the changes we were going through. With each day the clutter of thoughts, doubt and fears started fading the studio became more airy and light.

Kirsten and Mitchell visited in 2016, and we hope to have them visit many more times.
We feel blessed in many ways, and are truly humbled each time a new person steps through the door to start shifting shapes with us.