Why Join A Yoga Retreat?

Yoga retreats help you break away from familiar routines and help you to move out of your comfort zone into a space of growth, new people and new places.

Living a modern life, having to work and taking care of your family makes it challenging to practice yoga regularly. When you are on a retreat you are able to practice even twice a day. It’s a brilliant way to break free of old patterns, release limitations, let go of fear and step into the space of courage and new possibilities. Being on a retreat allows you to listen to your body, rest when you need it, and be free from stress. Since you have extended free time it is a lot more easier to meditate, to breathe deeply and be present in the moment without having to care about deadlines, cell phone ringing etc. Distractions tend to be less prevalent, and the teachings can sink in more fully.

Retreats offer some much needed structure, usually there is a schedule planed in advance and you don’t have to think much. When you get out of your regular routine for a week, you can replace unhealthy habits with conscious new behaviors that support you in being your best self.

When choosing a retreat you will always travel to new places and you have an opportunity to see the world, experience new traditions.At a retreat you will always meet individuals with similar interests. Even if you go alone, you have a chance to make friends with people from around the world who you might know for the rest of your life.
After a retreat you will come home with a refreshed appreciation for life. You feel happier, healthier, and re-energized to jump back into your routine with new vigor.

Sometimes an active and mindful vacation is exactly what’s right for the soul.

Impressions from past We DU Yoga Retreats